AC Replacements in Fort Lauderdale

Last year, my business partner and I purchased a really cool property near the water in Fort Lauderdale Florida. It was a foreclosure, so it was obvious that we needed to put a lot of work into the property before we would be able to put it back on the market. I get it. Flipping houses isn’t a new idea for some people, but this was only our second attempt so don’t judge us too harshly.

The house had good bones, meaning that the structure was solid and safe. For the most part, we had to deal with cosmetic stuff and appliances. I do have to say that we did need to gut one of the bathrooms and the kitchen too. There aren’t many real estate buyers who want to have a blast from the past with a flashback to the 80s. Although we were doing the reno during the winter months in Fort Lauderdale, it was hot as heck in the house. Once the new electric service was installed, we turned the HVAC unit on so we could keep cool. I’ll bet you can guess what happened with the air conditioning unit. You got it. It didn’t do a thing. Ok, so it did make some noise but it didn’t blow any cold air, or hot air for that matter. We knew we’d have to find somebody who does AC repairs in Fort Lauderdale. So, we called the HVAC technicians at Polar Air Conditioner Corp. to have them take a look at the unit. The guy came out, and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He did a thorough inspection and although we had hopes that it would only need to be charged up, we were told that we needed to have the unit replaced. Actually, it turned out it was over 20 years old! Fortunately, the techs at Polar Air Conditioner Corp. do AC replacements in Fort Lauderdale. Naturally, the guys didn’t have an HVAC unit on the truck however; they were able to get one the next day. For the rest of the day we worked on the exterior of the house because it was way too hot inside. We checked it to power washing the house and driveway. At least we were productive while we waited for the unit to be installed. The technicians from Polar Air Conditioner Corp. in Fort Lauderdale showed up bright and early the next day. They had the new unit and got right to work on the AC replacement for the house. It was amazing that they got the job done so quickly! It seemed like no time at all before the unit was fired up and ice cold air was blowing in the house. Believe me; if you ever need AC replacement in Fort Lauderdale, you need to call the guys at Polar Air Conditioner Corp.