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The Importance of AC Inspections in Aventura

Last year, my wife and I were shopping around to buy our first condo in Aventura. To be honest with you, our budget was pretty tight and there weren’t a lot of properties in the area that fell into our price range.

We knew that we’d need to do some kind of work to whatever home we bought, but we didn’t want to take on a home with too much work for us. We also didn’t want to get into a nightmare of expensive repairs either. So we had to really be careful with making a home purchase.

We found a small 2 bedroom that we liked, and it was obvious that it would need a fair amount of cosmetic help. I mean, it looked like the owners hadn’t painted any of the rooms since it was built ten years ago! It also needed little repairs like the toilets constantly ran and the kitchen faucet dripped. Even I can use a toilet repair kit and install a new faucet, so I wasn’t overly worried about that kind of thing. I was worried about the AC unit though.

We noticed that the apartment was a little on the warm side. My wife thought that maybe it was because the owners were elderly, but I was skeptical. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that AC repairs and AC replacement can be quite expensive. With our limited budget I was concerned. Our real estate agent asked the couple if there were any issues with the HVAC unit, and they said that it just needed to be charged up. They even said that it would cost around a hundred and fifty dollars.

Polar Air: AC Inspections, Replacements and AC Repairs in Aventura

Because we had to work within our very tight budget, I needed to find out if the couple was telling the truth. I didn’t need any surprises if we chose to buy the house. We found Polar Air Conditioner Repair Corp. They do AC repairs and AC replacement in Aventura. I called them and asked them to go out to do an AC inspection, and give me an estimate of an AC repairs that would be needed.

They were great. The HVAC technician went to the house and did a very thorough AC inspection of the entire unit. He informed us that the unit needed more than a charge. It was on its last legs, and would need to be replaced in less than a year. He even gave us a written estimate of the cost to do the AC replacement.

This information was essential for us to make a deal on the Aventura condo. We were able to negotiate with the owners so that the new HVAC unit could be installed at closing. Thanks to the honest technicians at Polar Air Conditioner Repair Corp. we weren’t blindsided by an AC replacement we wouldn’t have been able to afford.