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Being Healthier with Air Duct Cleaning

Seven months ago, my husband and I were blessed with a wonderful baby boy. From the minute we found out that I was pregnant, we started trying to make things perfect for our little one. We started by doing what I consider to be a really deep cleaning of the house.

We washed the walls, had the carpet steam cleaned and dusted everything that we could think to dust. Just when we thought we are all set for the baby’s arrival, the roof started leaking. Now considering we had just bought the house a little more than a year earlier, we certainly didn’t anticipate having to repair the roof. To add insult to injury, it turned out that the roof had been leaking for years and the tiles in the main bathroom started to slough off the walls, or crack in place. Once we had the roof fixed, my husband had to find a way to fix the bathroom.

Off to Home depot we went. We needed new concrete board, tiles and wallboard for the ceiling. We talked to the sales guy on the floor and he took the time to explain what we needed to do. Well, I should say what hubby needed to do. Anyway, I picked out some great, yet affordable tiles and we bought the concrete board and wallboard that the sales guy suggested. Of course, we needed grout, sealer, a wet saw and a bunch of other things, but it would certainly be cheaper for us to do it ourselves rather than hire a contractor. As a young couple, that was an important factor. My husband did all of the work over the course of a month. He works weekdays so the only time he could really do anything was on the weekends. He struggled to line all the tiles up straight, and I was impressed at the job that he did. Unfortunately, there was dust all over the house during the project. As much as I vacuumed, swept and dusted, the dust and dirt never seemed to go away. It was a daily chore to try to get the dust out of the house, even after the bathroom was put back together. I was at wits end, and then the baby got sick. My son started with a runny nose and gooey eyes. I brought him to the doctor and was told he had a cold. After about 3 weeks of this the doctor asked about the goings on in the house. Once I mentioned the bathroom issue, he told me to have the air ducts in the house cleaned. The doctor explained that although I swept, vacuumed and dusted, the AC system picks up the dust and simply keeps redistributing it throughout the house after any kind of renovation. I called Polar Air Conditioner Corp. and their technician came to our Hollywood, FL home. He did a complete air duct cleaning and inside of 1 week, we didn’t have anywhere near the amount of dust we were dealing with beforehand. Even better, our baby’s nasal and eye issues cleared right up. Anytime you do renovations on your house, be sure to call Polar Air Conditioner Corp. to have an air duct cleaning before you need to deal with what we did.