AC Repairs Nightmare

Every year, we have a huge family reunion at my house in Pembroke Pines. I really don’t mind, especially since everybody brings their own dish to share. Even the out of town family members call local restaurants and catering companies so they can participate with the food equally.

The reunion is great fun, and because we have a great pool and huge lanai, it’s always at my house. Of course, I still had a lot of preparation to do for the reunion, even though others bring the food. Although I do keep a clean home, when I know guests are coming I like to do a really deep down cleaning of everything. I even dust the lightbulbs before the reunion. Every family has the old, eccentric, OCD person in it and for me, this is my grandmother. I don’t need the tongue lashing that there is a bit of dust anywhere in my home.

You have to picture this. I was scrubbing away at the grout in the guest bathroom when all of a sudden, I felt like the house was getting hot. Thinking that it was simply because I was working so hard to make the grout sparkle, I ignored the heat. Once I finished with the bathroom, I sat down on the couch with a cold drink to relax. I thought that it was weird that I didn’t feel any cooler. Checking the thermostat, it read 84 degrees. Now, I keep the house at 76 degrees always. Any hotter and I’m warm, any cooler and I’m too cold. This is the temperature that makes me a happy camper. Keep in mind that the reunion was only 2 days away. You can image what a nightmare it would be for me if the AC unit wasn’t working. I could just see the look on my grandmother’s face. It would be like I was too poor to have a working AC unit. So, I called the guys at Polar Air Conditioner Corp. Believe it or not; they were at my house within an hour. Unfortunately, the problem was something that they couldn’t readily fix without parts. I spent a grueling night with fans blowing on me as the AC repairs couldn’t be done until the next day. It’s not that the technician wasn’t willing to fix it; he just had to wait for the parts store to open. The tech showed up bright and early the next morning with a brand new compressor condenser unit and installed it in a few hours. To my surprise, I wasn’t charged for the emergency 24/7 AC repairs call. The family reunion went smoothly and even Grandma was happy. I am so grateful that the tech was so professional in doing his job, and making sure everyone was cool for the family reunion.