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3 Reasons for Getting Your AC Air Ducts Cleaned

Nearly everyone in Pembroke Pines knows that the cost to replace an air conditioning unit can really hit their bank accounts hard. Considering the average lifespan of an HVAC system is only 10 years in South Florida, taking good care of the system is essential for making it run smoothly for a longer period of time.

Don’t forget, the V in HVAC stands for ventilation. This is the ductwork that carries the cool air through your home. The air ducts need to be maintained, just as the mechanical parts of the unit do.

Health Benefits

When a person gets sick with an airborne illness, the germs are present in the air of the home. It’s not rocket science. The air goes through the filter and into the system, resulting in the cool air being distributed back into the home by way of the air ducts and registers. The germs and bacteria can be deposited inside of the ducts and grow. This can cause the same illness to go from family member to family member, over and over again. Having the air ducts cleaned is beneficial to the health of your family.

Less Cleaning

Nobody enjoys dusting. If someone tells you they don’t mind dusting their furniture, they are more than likely lying to you. It doesn’t matter which product or dusting technique you use, the dust particles still flow through the air in your home. Next time you see a beam of sun coming through your window, stop and take a careful look at it. You’ll probably be able to see the dust particles floating in the air. This dust will continue to circulate through the AC system, and be deposited right back on your furniture. Of course, it will stay in the air too. This dust is removed when your air ducts are cleaned.

Higher Efficiency

Any debris and cobwebs hiding inside of the air ducts can create problems within the system. This foreign matter can cause severe blockages in the ductwork, making the unit work much harder than it should. This can cause the unit to malfunction, resulting in bills for ac repairs. Let’s face it; few people have extra money lying around to pay for preventable repairs. It would be remiss to also state that blockages can also result in excessively high electric bills too. Air duct cleaning will remove any blockages, and make the unit much more efficient.

Just Look Up

It’s pretty easy to tell if you should get your ductwork cleaned. Just look at the registers. If possible, use a damp, white cloth and run it across the register. Any dust that appears on the rag is a result of the dirt being blown from the vent. This simple test will let you know whether or not you need to call Polar Air Conditioner Corp. for a thorough duct cleaning.