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24/7 AC Repairs in Hallandale Beach

Unfortunately, I walked into my house one day after work and found that it was hotter than heck inside of the house. In the middle of summer in Hallandale, the heat can be unbearable. Not having a working AC in the house can really be problematic for the residents of the home, and guests visiting them.

Just trying to cook, watch TV, or even sleep can be a major issue to many people without working cooling systems. In fact, the lack of cool air can be downright dangerous for young kids, babies and even elderly people. In my house, I have a toddler, a 3 month old, and my elderly grandfather. I needed to get my AC fixed fast.

Hallandale 24 Hours AC Repairs

The first thing that I did was check circuit breaker because we live in South Florida, the lightning and thunder storms are horrendous here. Breakers flip; this is a part of life living in the Sunshine State. That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Anyway, I turned on the computer and attempted to find a company to come out to help me. I found that while many companies offer 24/7 AC repairs in the area most come with huge service bills for the afterhours service calls.

As you can probably tell, I’m raising two little ones and taking care of my grandpa. There isn’t any extra money for me to do anything with, and I didn’t anticipate that the unit would break down. I mean, nobody ever says to themselves that the AC is getting old so we better budget in repair costs. Who does that? I thought that I would have to forego paying the mortgage that I struggle to pay, just to make sure the house was cool and safe for my kids and grandfather. I could manage without AC but would surely be unhappy about it. The possibility of the house growing mold and mildew because of the humidity was certainly a concern as well.

24 Hours AC Repairs in Hallandale

As I said, I couldn’t afford to pay triple the regular rate for 24/7 AC repairs. This just wasn’t a possibility for me. I called the guys at Polar Air Conditioner Repair Corp. in frenzy and explained the problem. They sounded like they actually cared about me and my family. A mechanic was sent to my house right away.

After about 10 minutes, the technician told me that because of the storm earlier in the day, both the thermostat and the compressor controls for the AC have time delay circuit protection devices. When the power flickered, both wigged out. All he did was shut the thermostat off for five minutes, turn it back on and I had air conditioning again. The charge for the call was very reasonable, and I was so happy that the technician was truly concerned for our comfort and safety. There is no doubt that this is now my ac repairs company for life.